Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My 24th Birthday

Ever since I graduated highschool, my birthday has been somewhat an inconvienience. It is always on finals week and there is always studying I could be doing instead of celebrating. However, each year I worry about it but then after I go out, I am grateful I took the time to do something because it is always nice to have a break!

On sunday we did cake and presents. Unfortunatly, I did not get any pictures of that.
On Monday night we went out to eat with Mitch's family at the Garden restaurant in temple square. Afterwards we walked around temple square to look at the christmas lights. It was a very fun night!

We brought our camera, but didn't realize until after we took pictures at dinner that there was no memory card in the pictures werent saving. It was my fault because I forgot to put the card back in after uploading some pics to my computer. Luckily the maxwells took some pictures for us.

This is the only picture we have dinner, taken while we were all looking at my camera that had no memory card. This picture just makes me laugh. At least one of us was looking! haha!

Temple square lights!

My favorite picture of the night

Finals are done for me and I'm finally able to take a breather.

Mitch has been working so hard the past two weeks...pretty much two full time jobs because he is in the process of becoming the new General Manager of the Fat Cats bowling alley in provo. He is driving up there all the time to train, and working extra hours at Pizza Factory to get everything ready for his abscense...he does so much at that place! I'm not sure they realize how much he will be missed!

In one week from today we fly out to Vegas to spend christmas with my family! Then, on the 27th we fly to Mexico to spend a week in Cabo! So excited! This vacation is much needed for the both of us!

Friday, December 3, 2010

I'm Thankful...

So a blog update is long over due, but between school, homework, job, and squeezing a little fun inbetween has taken up all my time!

Thanksgiving was good for me but not so much for Mitch because he had to work open to close on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.
I ate thanksgiving dinner with my mom's side of the family, the hamptoms and then brought a plate of food to mitch's work so he could eat some! After that I went over to the Haslam's house (cousins on my dads side) to visit and eat a little pie.
It was a good visiting day for me, I saw lots of family that I have not seen in awhile, it was long overdue!

I just wanted to make a note of 20 of the things I am thankful for:

1~Mitch, who is so absolulty wonderful and perfect for me. sometimes I wonder if I even deserve him. I am very blessed!

2~My parents who are so fun. Going to visit them is one of my favorite places to be. I miss them so much! Everything I have grown up to become is thanks to them. I couldn't have a better mom or dad!

3~My Inlaws. Ever since day one of Mitch and I's relationship, they have been so welcoming and loving to me. I love every moment we spend with them.

4~That Jeremy is on a mission. His weekly letters have been so inspiring to read and I look forward to it every monday morning.

5~My wonderful sister kimmy who I really don't see enough! We have so much fun together and no one else brings out my silly mannerisms like she does! I still think we were supposed to be twins. Love her tons!
6~My silly brother nathan, who is always making me laugh. He has grown up to be such a handsome young man!
7~The maxwell family. I have the best sister in law I could ask for and the cutest little neices in the world.

8~The gospel. I cannot even begin to imagine where I would be without it. I was blessed to be raised in it and i'm thankful to be sealed to my husband for time and all eternity.

9~Friends who give us a break from school and work and allow us to just relax and have fun!

10~Our apartment. I love everything about it. How spacious it is, our deck thats big for an apartment, the really big trees surrounding it , every season has been beautiful!
11~Our new addition to the family...a Beta fish we named Sushi :)

12~Diet coke. Enough said,
13~Chocolate. Again, enough said.

14~My job. I'm blessed to be able to be working in the medical field doing what I like already while I finish school.

15~Music! All kinds!

16~Mitch's hugs and kisses...makes me feel better no matter what!

17~Runner's high. Nothing can compare to the feeling after a good run!

18~Books! I love getting so sucked into a good book that I can't put it down.

19~That the Utes beat the Cougars!

20~The Utah Jazz...our first date was a jazz game and they continue to be one of my favortie things to do on date night!

I could go on and on, and I knew I would and thats why I set my limit to 20 things.

On a side note, this past month was my favortie season for sports of the whole year because my 3 favorite sports are going on. College football, college basketball, and the NBA! Here are a couple pictures from sporting events!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Georgia on my mind

Today on the way home from class, I was listening to Michael Buble's rendition of the song "Georgia on my Mind." Maybe it was because I was tired and therefore easily moved, but whatever the reason, this moment brought tears to my eyes and I felt I had to share it.

I guess I have always just assumed I would go back and live in Georgia someday and live happily ever after. I haven't thought much about it since recent changes in my life the past couple years.

I have married the man of my dreams and we are perfectly happy here in Utah. We live close to his family. My family has moved from Georgia to Vegas and are only a half days drive away. In other words, I have no reason to go back to Georgia to live. I will likely never get to live there again.

This realization hit me hard. Don't get me wrong, I love my life right where I am. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family and wonderful in laws. I am married to a man who is better than I could have ever dreamed of. It is just a hard thing to realize that the place you have always and still consider your home is no longer obtainable. This makes me sad, but I accept it. I will be happy no matter where I live because I have Mitch, and someday we will have kids of our own.
I guess this is my official good bye to Georgia. I will miss the moisture in the air, trees everywhere, Stone Mountain, the Georgia rainstorms, heat lightning, Chickfilas by the plenty, the Georgia Aquarium, the green hills, the hot summers, the winding roads, lightning bugs, Wafflehouse, boiled peanuts, Lake Lanier, being 4 hours away from awesome beaches and warm nights.
Just an old sweet song keeps Georgia on my mind...

Monday, October 18, 2010

Our first Anniversary!

Our first anniversary was great!

The day started with mitch surprising me with TWO dozen roses... :-) and one of the best surprises ever: he made a playlist of songs that remind him of me or times we have had together our first year. The playlist consisted of 64 songs (It took 64 days when we first started dating to say I love you) and also a typed up list of the songs and the reason he chose each song next to it. I absolutly love listening to it and for our whole marriage it will be a playlist of memories of our first year.

Then we went up to park city and stayed at the Marriott. Another bonus for the day: Mitch knew the customer service manager that was working that night because he served his mission with him. Well we didn't even realize that he worked there, so when we arrived he saw us an then upgraded our room to a suite! Score!
Then we went out to eat at the Stein Erikson lodge. It was very romantic and the food was absolutly delicious! They brought us chocolates at the end of our meal :-)
These are the chololates. Two of them were little triangles that said Happy Anniversary on them. (The read and the green are both chocolates as well!)

Then we went back to the hotel and had some of our wedding cake from exactly one year ago! We froze the top of our wedding cake and it was suprisingly pretty good. It was only a little dry, and still was very sweet!

I just had to get a pic of the inside, red velvet cake mmmm!

The next day we walked around main street and there was a porsche convention going on so we got to look at really old porches, all ranging from year 1940s to 1960s. It was way fun!

Then we spent the rest of the day together, ending with going to the temple to do sealings. The whole weekend was perfect, just like my husband is perfect for me :-) I love him so much and just when I think I couldnt be any happier, I am!
Here's to the best year of our lives so far!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Highlights of the past couple months...

Although I am usually slammed with work or school, we occasionally leave some time for fun to keep us sane! Here are a few of the favorites!

The show was absolutly amazing!

We met Jenn and Leo a couple months ago from volunteering at the hospital. They are a really fun couple! We started talking one day and all became instant friends! We love our friend time with them. :-)

We both had to work that morning so we were only able to attend the last hour or so, but it was a blast none the less! Also, no exagguration: I was the only blonde girl there...pretty obvious I was an outsider! haha! At least I wore my brazil jersey!

Another very important highlight was that we got to meet Nick Hexum from 311! I thought Mitch was going to faint! We got signatures too.
At the same event we got to meet Chris Carrabba, the singer of Dashboard Confessional. I am currently waiting on pictures of this epic event (long story) but i'll put those up in a later post when I get them!
Our anniversary is this Friday, October 8th. I cannot believe it has already been a year! It has gone by so fast but at the same time, I feel like I have always had Mitch and can't imagine how life would be without him. We are going to park city this weekend to celebrate. :-)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Update on our lives and Mitch's Knee Surgery!

Lately, we have been very busy! School has started for me and Mitch got knee surgery on August 25th. He had to take 2 whole weeks off work for it and I had to take one week off to take care of him. We stayed at Mitch's parents house for the first few days (so mitch wouldn't have to walk up any stairs) and so that his mom could help take care of him while I had to be away in class. They were such a big help and we are so blessed to have such a wonderful family!'s the story:

Mitch injured his knee way back in May while playing basketball with some friends. We brought him to my work and I x-rayed it and we saw no broken bones, but his patella looked unstable so the Doctor said take it easy for a couple weeks and then go see an Orthopedic if there is no improvement. husband has the highest pain tolerance known to he walked around on it for more than 6 weeks before he even went in to see the specialist! He finally decided to go in because he was just walking on it normal and his knee completely popped out of joint and he had to pop it back in.
So he got an MRI...and sure enough, His ACL was completely torn along with both his lateral meniscis and his medial meniscis. ( he walked around for 6 weeks with 3 torn ligaments blows my mind!) So knee surgery was scheduled and there ya go!

Now the fun! :-)

This is at the hospital right before knee surgery...not scared at all! haha

Mitch had the pleasure of shaving his knee! oo-la-la!

Mitch: "Take a pic of me doing this!"

The nurse putting the IV in

IV's are hooked and ready to go!

At this point the Doctor came in and talked to him about what they were going to do. (They took a part of his hamstring to use to repair his ACL). Then they took him away for surgery and sent me to my private little "waiting room" for two hours. There was a little couch in there and I figured I could catch up on some sleep while I was waiting, but sleep was very difficult to come by! It's a weird feeling to just wait around knowing your husband is getting surgery. The chances of something going wrong is not likely, but of course but I still couldnt help but think about things that could go wrong with medication and stuff like that...Not to mention that I wanted to watch! It was very unnerving to have to wait and not see what was going on!
After two hours, the doctor finally came in and showed me picture of the surgery. Then I went into the Recovery Room where they brought me Mitch. He was still doped up on the anesthetic and it was hilarious!!! He said lots of funny things!
He told me he had a basketball game with Deron Williams that night (lucky him!), he also said "My legs fat! they didn't tell me there were going to make my lef fat!"
"Was there a little mexican lady in here? she was trying to take my bed!" (of course there was not).
Also, he talked alot about Daniel and a "really cute girl" he was dating up in heaven.
He also would randomly start singing Michael Jackson and there was one point where he started quoting word for word things from the temple session. I had to tell him to stop and he said "But I know it!" and I assured him I was proud of him for knowing it, but that we only say it in the temple.
It was hilarious. I could go on and on about things he said!
Mitch does not remeber saying any of this, so he still gets to keep his dignity. haha!

This is when they very first brought him out...still in and out of sleep.

This is the palest I have ever seen him! It kind of worried me.

I just HAD to get a close up when he opened his eyes... Haha!

Almost 2 hours later when mitch was finally coming back from his doped up land.

We went home and The first few days Mitch was really out of it and got nauseated a few times. Finally, on the third day we decided to try ibuprofen instead of the pain killers...and he was doing much better! Those pain killers are horrible! Mitch was pretty high maintanence the first few days because he needed so much, but I loved feeling like I could be there for him and be a good wife. I was lucky that I was able to find coverage at work.

Then...5 days later we went to the doctor and they took off the brace.
Here is his knee! Being in the medical field, I look at that and think it looks good and is healing nicely! Others get grossed out...

Compared to his other knee-just a little bit of swelling!
Now about 3 weeks later, Mitch is doing great! He is going to physical thereapy and is able to walk without crutches or a brace. He only needs to wear the brace if he is up on it a lot like at work.
Other than that our lives are pretty much the same-busy busy busy! When we have free time we spend it with family and occasionally we get double date time with our favorite couple Jenn and Leo.
We have three family birthdays this week so this Saturday we are doing a Birthday celebration times three!
Our anniversary is coming up too...I can't believe it has already been almost a year! People always say the first year is the hardest, and if thats true I can't wait for the years to come because this past year has been absolutley wonderful!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Hubby Survey

1. When is you "Engagement" anniversary?
Just had it! July 24th. :-)

2.When is your "Marriage" anniversary?
October 08, 2009. Its coming up! Anyone have any cheap but fun anniversary ideas?

3.How long have you know your spouse?
I'd estimate about 2 1/2 years

4.How long did you date/court before you were engaged?
Dated for 4 months, engaged for 2...what can I say? we just knew. :-)

5.Where did you meet your spouse for the first time?
At Zions peak ward, thanks to an ex-boyfriend. Things happen for a reason! :-)

6.What is your spouses full name?
Mitchell Garrick Holladay

7.Do you have any children yet?
nope! not quite ready for that yet

8.Do you have any house pets?
We have a cactus names Jose. His side kicks are Miguel and Carlos.

9.Do you own a house or rent?
We are renting

10.Do you live in the country or town/city?
Murray City

11.What is one of your favorite activities together?
Hiking! Or getting dressed up nice to go somewhere sweet. But we love spending time together, even if its just watching TV!

12.Do you have a favortie vacation spot?
Cabo! Vegas!

13. How many siblings (including inlaws)?
2 on his side, 3 on mine.

14.What church do you attend?
The church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, but we are currently serving the patients every sunday at the U of U hospital and we love it!

15.Is this the church you were married in?
We were married in the Jordan River Temple, by my grandpa. Very special because my mom got married there, and my grandpa served as the temple president there.

16.Do you work or stay at home?
Work full time and school full time. busy busy!

17.Where did you honeymoon?
Mitch surprised me and took me to Hawaii. My dream honeymoon. :-)

18. Leave a piece of marriage advice:
Never go to bed upset, and give at least four loving touches a day. (a kiss, a hug, a cuddle). Studies show that this keeps marriage long lasting.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

World Cup!

Mitch and I have been having a blast watching the World Cup games!

Unfortunately the United States are out now, but Brasil is still in and going strong so we are wearing our colors!

Happy Cheering! Lets hope these refs don't ruin it for us since they have ruined it for so many other teams...

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Our trip!

For the end of may and the begining of June, Mitch and I were able to take a 1 1/2 week long trip! First we headed to Las Vegas to see Jeremy off to London and go to the Hampton family reunion, and then we headed to St George for the Holladay family reunion.

It was a really good experience seeing Jeremy go. It was sad and I miss him so much, but it was happy at the same time because Jeremy was so excited! He is now serving the Lord in London, England for 2 years of his life. These pictures are from the evening before he left. We all met with the stake president as a family and we all got to say our thoughts to Jeremy and then the stake president set him apart as a full time missionary. It was incredible and will go down as one of the best spiritual experiences of my life.

This was on the front porch before we went to the stake center
Here is silly Nathan...luckily he still has awhile before he goes! haha!

AFTER he has been set apart as a missionary. (notice the name tag) :-)

The whole family, Grandma and Grandpa Hampton were able to come too!

The last picture I took of Jeremy before he left...he makes a good missionary! :-)

While we were in Vegas, we did make a night to go to the strip. We went to the Belagio and also to the new city center to check it out!
The garden at the belagio had giant bugs!

Some really expensive art at city center...we just had to touch it!

Sisters :-)

Even MORE expensive art...why am I not in the art business? I could tie a bunch of boats together and call it "art" and be set for life!

City Center!

This guy was completely passed out...only in Vegas...people were taking pictures of him...haha!

Unfortuanly, I didn't get any pictures at either of the family reunions, but I plan on snagging them from family members!
Here is one picture of some of the hampton cousins

While we were on our vacation, we decided to go to both the Las Vegas and St George temples! (Yes, Las Vegas in NOT only the city of sin.)

The Las Vegas temple

Also, while we were on vacation, we spent lots of time in my parents backyard at the pool! Everyone else here in SLC was wearing jackets while were were burning up in 100 degree weather!

The hot tub flows into the pool

The pool!

And last but not least, The St. George temple!

Now that we are back, a lot of things are changing really quick! We are moving into a new apartment and that project officially starts on Monday, although I have already started taking some things over there by myself. Lots of work, but I'm excited to be able to go through junk and throw it away. Our apartment is much bigger, and it has a pool and fitness center! I will miss the University student ward that we are in though and will miss serving the patients at the U of U hospital every Sunday, but this is where our lives are taking us right now. It will be great to live so close to Mitch's parents, the Maxwells, and both of our jobs.