Thursday, January 27, 2011

Great News!!!

This young man is the luckiest son of a gun in the state right now because...


I am so excited for her and so stoked to help her plan the wedding! This man better treat her great! But seriously, he is a great guy and is perfect for kimmy. Out of all the guys she has ever dated, he is the only one who I felt actually deserved her...I guess sometimes you have to date a lot of frogs before you find your prince charming!

Here is a good picture of her new bling:

I would like to list some of the things that I LOVE about kimmy.

She is a great sister. I have so much fun with her. We have the same mannerisms and the same silly humor. There is never a dull moment with us!

She finally caught herself a good one!

She likes to go on vacation to wonderous places

Even the mean animals love her

She is silly

She is part of my awesome family
She dedicates lots of time and money to help the orphans
She is super tough!

...But still really cute
She dresses up in creative costumes for halloween even though she is all grown up

She is a trapeze artist

She is a Utah fan!

She tries new guinea pig!
She absolutely stunningly amazingly beautiful!
I love her so much!
Congrats Kimmy!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas in Vegas!

This Christmas Mitch and I had the opportunity to spend christmas in vegas with my family! It was super fun, I hadn't spent christmas with my family in 5 years! We mostly just relaxed and did family things, but we did go out to eat one night and go to the strip.
Here are some pics from the Belagio Gardens:

In other of the best things was that we got to talk to Jeremy on Christmas! It was even better than we expected, because we got to skype! Live video chat and it was free! He already had a slight British tone to the way he talked...and it's only been 6 months! Haha! It was so great to talk to him, although it did make me miss him very much. I am so happy for him and can't believe how grown up he is!
The day after we got back from Vegas we went to Cabo for a week, it was just as amazing as last year! I will post pics of that trip after I get more of them from other family member's cameras!