Friday, February 24, 2012

Great news!

This post is overdue, but about a month ago Westminster College called this sexy man to tell him they would love it if he accepted their offer to invite him into their MBA program! He starts classes this May.

I am so proud of Mitch. He has worked very hard for this moment and Westminster is so lucky to have him. He loves to work hard and he enjoys seeing his current company he works for be successful from his efforts. He is very smart and knows so much about business already.

Might I also mention that this means we get to go on a trip with his fellow classmates to our choice of Europe, China, India, or Brasil. Yes!

Supporting our team

Through good times and bad!

To late to post this....

But I don't care! :)

Here are some highlights from our New Years Mexico trip! It was a blast as always. These pics are in no certain order.

At the Pacifica!

La Golondrina

Mitch and I climbed up bare feet! I paid for it later but it was worth it simply because...


Sunset Beach

New years eve watching fireworks. "Utes are the best kissers"

And of course the famous arch

Oh how I miss these gorgeous sunrises...I want to paint this!
And the gorgeous sunsets

Mariachi bands at dinner every night

Chasing seagulls with the little girls


Us four went deep sea fishing

We didn't catch anything...but had this entertainment with the leftover bait!
Sea Lions jumping right on the edge of the boat
Pelicans close enough to touch

This is the view we had in the morning as we were going out to fish. All the fishing boats going out to fish into the sunrise

What a fun trip with everyone!