Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I'm Ready to Go!

I think I am having a post-graduate crisis. A post-graduate crisis is when you fear the complacency and monotony of what is considered a normal adult life. I felt this after I graduated high school but leaving home for two years to serve an LDS mission in Brazil easily cured that and in fact might have made this one even worse. I have been graduated from the University of Utah for 19 months now and I have been craving another adventure like crazy. I have been desperately trying to plan a trip to get back to Brazil for either the World Cup or Olympics. It is very far away and still unlikely. I am still looking for something adventurous to satisfy my craving.

We are fortunate every year to go to Cabo San Lucas and escape to the Mexican Pacific. This is by far one of the greatest places to visit in the world. The best part is, even if you go there on a cruise you can't even take in all the amazing things about that place. This year more than any other year I think I am ready to go on a adventure to Mexico. My favorite part about Mexico now is getting to take my amazing wife Tiffany with me every year and show her a good time and all the secrets behind this amazing place. I think the most exciting thing about being married to Tiffany is that I know whatever crazy adventure I can imagine up for us to do, she is always there to either talk some sense in to me or jump on board with me. Let's go! Because we are always ready to go!

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