Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Update on our lives and Mitch's Knee Surgery!

Lately, we have been very busy! School has started for me and Mitch got knee surgery on August 25th. He had to take 2 whole weeks off work for it and I had to take one week off to take care of him. We stayed at Mitch's parents house for the first few days (so mitch wouldn't have to walk up any stairs) and so that his mom could help take care of him while I had to be away in class. They were such a big help and we are so blessed to have such a wonderful family!'s the story:

Mitch injured his knee way back in May while playing basketball with some friends. We brought him to my work and I x-rayed it and we saw no broken bones, but his patella looked unstable so the Doctor said take it easy for a couple weeks and then go see an Orthopedic if there is no improvement. husband has the highest pain tolerance known to he walked around on it for more than 6 weeks before he even went in to see the specialist! He finally decided to go in because he was just walking on it normal and his knee completely popped out of joint and he had to pop it back in.
So he got an MRI...and sure enough, His ACL was completely torn along with both his lateral meniscis and his medial meniscis. ( he walked around for 6 weeks with 3 torn ligaments blows my mind!) So knee surgery was scheduled and there ya go!

Now the fun! :-)

This is at the hospital right before knee surgery...not scared at all! haha

Mitch had the pleasure of shaving his knee! oo-la-la!

Mitch: "Take a pic of me doing this!"

The nurse putting the IV in

IV's are hooked and ready to go!

At this point the Doctor came in and talked to him about what they were going to do. (They took a part of his hamstring to use to repair his ACL). Then they took him away for surgery and sent me to my private little "waiting room" for two hours. There was a little couch in there and I figured I could catch up on some sleep while I was waiting, but sleep was very difficult to come by! It's a weird feeling to just wait around knowing your husband is getting surgery. The chances of something going wrong is not likely, but of course but I still couldnt help but think about things that could go wrong with medication and stuff like that...Not to mention that I wanted to watch! It was very unnerving to have to wait and not see what was going on!
After two hours, the doctor finally came in and showed me picture of the surgery. Then I went into the Recovery Room where they brought me Mitch. He was still doped up on the anesthetic and it was hilarious!!! He said lots of funny things!
He told me he had a basketball game with Deron Williams that night (lucky him!), he also said "My legs fat! they didn't tell me there were going to make my lef fat!"
"Was there a little mexican lady in here? she was trying to take my bed!" (of course there was not).
Also, he talked alot about Daniel and a "really cute girl" he was dating up in heaven.
He also would randomly start singing Michael Jackson and there was one point where he started quoting word for word things from the temple session. I had to tell him to stop and he said "But I know it!" and I assured him I was proud of him for knowing it, but that we only say it in the temple.
It was hilarious. I could go on and on about things he said!
Mitch does not remeber saying any of this, so he still gets to keep his dignity. haha!

This is when they very first brought him out...still in and out of sleep.

This is the palest I have ever seen him! It kind of worried me.

I just HAD to get a close up when he opened his eyes... Haha!

Almost 2 hours later when mitch was finally coming back from his doped up land.

We went home and The first few days Mitch was really out of it and got nauseated a few times. Finally, on the third day we decided to try ibuprofen instead of the pain killers...and he was doing much better! Those pain killers are horrible! Mitch was pretty high maintanence the first few days because he needed so much, but I loved feeling like I could be there for him and be a good wife. I was lucky that I was able to find coverage at work.

Then...5 days later we went to the doctor and they took off the brace.
Here is his knee! Being in the medical field, I look at that and think it looks good and is healing nicely! Others get grossed out...

Compared to his other knee-just a little bit of swelling!
Now about 3 weeks later, Mitch is doing great! He is going to physical thereapy and is able to walk without crutches or a brace. He only needs to wear the brace if he is up on it a lot like at work.
Other than that our lives are pretty much the same-busy busy busy! When we have free time we spend it with family and occasionally we get double date time with our favorite couple Jenn and Leo.
We have three family birthdays this week so this Saturday we are doing a Birthday celebration times three!
Our anniversary is coming up too...I can't believe it has already been almost a year! People always say the first year is the hardest, and if thats true I can't wait for the years to come because this past year has been absolutley wonderful!