Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Recently we had the opportunity to go to Las Vegas for Nathan's Graduation. It was great to see my family and great to spend lots of time in the hot weather by the pool.

I am so proud of Nathan. He is the youngest of the siblings and I can't believe he has already graduated high school. He also just received his mission call and will be going to the Tallahassee Florida mission on Nov. 2nd.

What better way to celebrate this event and change in his life than to jump off a building???
Mitch and Nathan jumped off the Stratosphere while we were there and they had a blast! Mitch had a camera attached to his wrist so it recorded the whole thing.

Here are some pics of the trip:

All geared up for the jump!

The camera

Nathan getting strapped into the harness

108 stories...855 feet

The tallest Sky jump in the world!

So proud of him!

This is how we found "Nahan" in the crowd...its his nickname

Happy Graduation Nathan!