Sunday, June 27, 2010

World Cup!

Mitch and I have been having a blast watching the World Cup games!

Unfortunately the United States are out now, but Brasil is still in and going strong so we are wearing our colors!

Happy Cheering! Lets hope these refs don't ruin it for us since they have ruined it for so many other teams...

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Our trip!

For the end of may and the begining of June, Mitch and I were able to take a 1 1/2 week long trip! First we headed to Las Vegas to see Jeremy off to London and go to the Hampton family reunion, and then we headed to St George for the Holladay family reunion.

It was a really good experience seeing Jeremy go. It was sad and I miss him so much, but it was happy at the same time because Jeremy was so excited! He is now serving the Lord in London, England for 2 years of his life. These pictures are from the evening before he left. We all met with the stake president as a family and we all got to say our thoughts to Jeremy and then the stake president set him apart as a full time missionary. It was incredible and will go down as one of the best spiritual experiences of my life.

This was on the front porch before we went to the stake center
Here is silly Nathan...luckily he still has awhile before he goes! haha!

AFTER he has been set apart as a missionary. (notice the name tag) :-)

The whole family, Grandma and Grandpa Hampton were able to come too!

The last picture I took of Jeremy before he left...he makes a good missionary! :-)

While we were in Vegas, we did make a night to go to the strip. We went to the Belagio and also to the new city center to check it out!
The garden at the belagio had giant bugs!

Some really expensive art at city center...we just had to touch it!

Sisters :-)

Even MORE expensive art...why am I not in the art business? I could tie a bunch of boats together and call it "art" and be set for life!

City Center!

This guy was completely passed out...only in Vegas...people were taking pictures of him...haha!

Unfortuanly, I didn't get any pictures at either of the family reunions, but I plan on snagging them from family members!
Here is one picture of some of the hampton cousins

While we were on our vacation, we decided to go to both the Las Vegas and St George temples! (Yes, Las Vegas in NOT only the city of sin.)

The Las Vegas temple

Also, while we were on vacation, we spent lots of time in my parents backyard at the pool! Everyone else here in SLC was wearing jackets while were were burning up in 100 degree weather!

The hot tub flows into the pool

The pool!

And last but not least, The St. George temple!

Now that we are back, a lot of things are changing really quick! We are moving into a new apartment and that project officially starts on Monday, although I have already started taking some things over there by myself. Lots of work, but I'm excited to be able to go through junk and throw it away. Our apartment is much bigger, and it has a pool and fitness center! I will miss the University student ward that we are in though and will miss serving the patients at the U of U hospital every Sunday, but this is where our lives are taking us right now. It will be great to live so close to Mitch's parents, the Maxwells, and both of our jobs.