Monday, October 22, 2012

311 Day!

Mitch is an avid 311 fan. He knows every single one of their hundreds of songs and a dream of his was to go to Las Vegas during the weekend of March 11th to go to the massive 311 day concerts. We decided that if we didn't go this year, we might not ever get a chance later with school and then later on in life kids. It is also nice since my parents live there, all we had to pay for was the tickets and gas. So, in March of this year, we packed up and went!

It was a very fun experience! The 2-day concert was at the MGM. We arrived a couple hours early and ate at the Rainforest cafe. It was such a cool experience because the whole hotel was overrun with 311 fans. Randomly "3-11" chants would start up and every one would join in. Everyone was so happy to be there.
On a funny side note....Mitch and I noticed that we just might have possibly been the only ones who did more with our lives than smoke weed and go to!

Rainforest Cafe

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