Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Mitch and I decided to take advantage of our last "free" weekend before my classes began to head to Vegas! It was great, as always. We got to see my family and we also spent lots of time on the strip!

Rolling into vegas right before the sun started setting.

We took Rio with us, here he is in his travel carrier.
He handled the trip well once he got used to it!

But he was happy to get out of that carrier once we arrived!

We saw an animal comedy show

Ate at the Rio buffet...look at all those crab legs! They extended even farther past the picture. Kind of creepy looking, but tasted good nonetheless!

Vegas strip at night

We got up early the next morning to go running on the strip.

After our run: Bellagio gardens were great! we were one of the few people even awake!
They had fake birds...
...And real birds!!
Fun hot air balloons

"The Chandelier" at the Cosmopolitan

We also went to the M & M factory...I will never look at them the same! Dark chocolate M & Ms are the best and I don't know why someone would choose milk chocolate instead!

Then we went to the Coke factory.
This was one of the best mascots I've ever seen. He was acting so hilarious!

Check out my new shirt per Mitch's request...Diet Coke!

"H" for Holladay. They must have known we were coming!

We also went to Serendipity!

Fun pictures!

Does this mean I get some diamond Jewelry now?

Sunday dinner...Mitch helping!

We had to stop by Serendipity one last time before we went home!

Divine frozen hot chocolate!

Huge donut!

A picture dedicated to Nathan. Next time I see him he will be days away from leaving for two years to go on his mission! He has been called to Tallahassee, Florida!

It was such a fun trip and I miss my family already! Now its back to hard work in school.

(sorry about all the pics, the slideshow video I tried to make wouldn't work for some reason!)

Concert date night

We had the opportunity to go to the Josh Groban concert! It was such a fun date night! It was so good to hear wholesome music and somebody who actually sounds amazing live instead of depending on synthesizers and loud background music to drown them out. His voice is so pure! He was also very funny and entertaining.
The concert was in the Energy Solutions area. Our tickets were in the suite so we had yummy snacks and brownies, but we didn't eat much because we went out to dinner and ate delicious Mexican!

Thank you so much Holladays and Maxwells for a fun evening!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer Fun!

School starts in just a couple weeks and it will be back to hard work and studying for me. Mitch has been working a lot all summer but on his days off we have been able to squeeze in some fun!

The Zoo!

25th of July hike with the Holladays, Maxwells, and Kaufusis!

Lagoon! We rode both the "scary" rides and the not-so-scary rides with the little girls! It was a very great day, very short lines with hardly any waiting so we were able to ride tons of rides!

We are enjoying the past couple weeks of real summer as much as possible before its back to work!

My attempt of photographing Rio

We don't have a very good camera so his colors look washed out...I tried both with and without flash. But here he is being cute and climbing in our centerpiece. :)

Notice the bright royal blue just above his tail in this next one. He is that color all underneath and in his wings!

He loves hanging upside down