Tuesday, January 17, 2012

December happenings

1. My birthday

On my birthday morning I woke up to an edible arrangement and the beginning clue to a scavenger hunt.

The clue led me out to the parking lot to find this car in the parking lot. yes! (it was "rented" for the day from Mitch's friend. Thanks JR!

Throughout the day I followed all the clues and they all led to some fun activity. One of which was Fat Cats in Provo where I bowled 25 frames of bowling in honor of turning 25. We took the scenic route through the mountains for more fun drive time for me to enjoy driving the Porsche.

It was a great day and Mitch made it even better!

2. On Christmas we got to talk to Nathan who is on his mission in Florida.

3. We went to the Festival of Trees bid night and then later went back on the last night to introduce Jenn and Leo to it. They were hooked and will be back next year!

4. Mitch and I got ugly Christmas sweaters and were able to wear them to the family party! They were a hit!

5. Our Cabo trip!!!
A post with pictures coming soon!