Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Easter Pics!

We just had to do a cheesy pose!

The family

Jeremy...he is still so much taller even though i'm in heels!

Sandwiched in

The two future missionaries! Jeremy to England and Bronson to New Zealand!

Our easter eggs we colored!

Easter was great! Now we are just working on trying to get through these last couple weeks of school so we can enjoy our break! For me summer school starts in June so we plan on having as much fun as possible in May. We are still waiting to hear back for Mitch about getting into MBA school, but we should know soon! Life is going great for us right now. We are enjoying as much time together and with our families in the midst of school and work. We have two family reunions coming up soon and we are excited for those!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Date night!

Just a quick update! There have been several exciting things happening the past month! Be expecting more posts to follow this one soon, including Easter and the Muse concert! :-) This is all I had time for now though!

A couple weeks ago we had an opportunity to go on a date night with our friends Stin and Sarah. We went to eat at Red Robin, then we went and saw that new 3D movie showing at the Clark planetarium about the Hubble space telescope. I definitely recommend seeing this one! Well worth the time and money! It was way cool!

Afterwards we finally got to use our gift card to the Melting Pot! We went there for dessert and it was divine! I think I love chocolate just a bit too much! Mitch obviously does too, because right after all that chocolate fondue he wanted to eat a chocolate candy bar! Ha ha!

It was definitely a fun evening. We are so busy so we don't get a lot of date nights, but we jump at any opportunity we can get!

Happy late Easter! That will be my next post with lots of fun pictures! :-)