Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Being Engaged!

We have now been engaged almost a month! It has been so fun planning our wedding. We actually have gotten most of the wedding plans all squared away! We have been really booking it on getting those all figured out because we wanted to get as much done as we could before school started. We did an awesome job, because school starts next week and most of the big things are all figured out. We love being engaged and its been so much fun! Being engaged is so different from dating. It is way better than dating but at the same time we are super anxious for October Eighth to come. It can't come soon enough! :) We're ready to start our lives together! I love his family and have had so much fun getting to know his family more and more every day. They have all been so helpful in the wedding planning. His parents are so sweet and his sister Hillary already treats me like a sister. :) I have been very blessed that they have been so warm and welcoming to me!

Our engagement story is a pretty funny one. Mitch did an awesome job. It was totally unexpected! We had been talking about marriage, but I wasnt expecting a proposal for at least a few weeks away. He proposed on July 24th. We went hiking that morning with his family and cousins that morning, and when we got back we all went swimming in his pool. They play this game where they tie a rope onto a tree by the pool and hold it up. People take turns jumping over the rope as they raise it higher and higher.

Well, when it was my turn to jump over the rope, they had the ring in the box tied onto the rope with the ribbon hanging right in front of me...and like an idiot, I completely didn't see the box and jumped over the rope instead! It was so funny! Then when I came up out of the water I saw that mitch had a silly dickie vest tie thing on and I made fun of him, totally not even realizing that he was trying to propose. Luckily his dad said "ok Tiffany needs to go again" So I got out of the pool and got on the diving board and mitch jumped up there with me and started to take the box off the rope. Then I saw it, and I relalized what he was doing. Then he opend the box and got down on one knee and proposed while we were standing on the diving board together. I couldn't have had a better proposal. Totally unexpected and the his family and cousins were there, along with Jeremy and Kimmy.

This is mitch after I jumped over the box and into the pool...haha if you look closely you can see the box hanging on the rope.

Here are some more pictures...they are pretty self explanitory :-)

And of course I said yes. :-)