Friday, February 26, 2010

Valentines weekend!

This was our first valentines day together! So of course we just had to make it great!

On the Friday before valentines day, Mitch was at work so I surprised him by decorating his car. I wrote all over the windows with glass chalk and filled his car with red and black balloons. Inside each one was a little piece of paper that said a reason why I loved him. I also covered his dashboard with reeses (his favorite) and left a gift bag on his seat with other gifts and treats. He was very pleasantly surprised :)

Funny story though, Jeremy came with me to help and when we pulled into his work parking lot I realized I didn't have his spare key with me. I would have to go inside and somehow get him to give me his keys, but this would ruin the surprise! So...I came up with a devious plan...I took off my wedding ring and hid it. Then we went into his work to order food to eat, and I acted panicked. I told mitch that while I was taking off my gloves my ring fell off in my car and I couldn't find it. Well, he has a little light thing on his keychain that would be perfect for looking in between car seats, so I borrowed his keys to "look for my ring." Then Jeremy and I went out and got the job done to his car, I put my ring back on and gave Mitch back his keys. Then we ate and left. Mitch called me later when he saw his car and was very surprised. He pretened to give me a hard time for making up the ring story, but I know he didn't mind since I had a good reason for it :-)

I had to work on Valentines day,but it ended up working out better. Neither of us had school on Monday because it was presidents day, so we were able to spend the whole day together and we celebrated our valentines day then. :-) I woke up to a box of chocolates and chocolate covered pretzels on the floor next to the bed, and roses on the table. Mitch made me blueberry pancakes for breakfast. They were delicious! Then we went to the gateway and then saw Dear John. It was an ok movie, but I wouldn't see it again. Then we went to dinner and to the Paul Cardall concert. It was a great day and we really enjoyed it. We haven't spent a whole day together since we went to Mexico, we are much too busy!

We didn't take a whole lot of pics, but here are the ones we took :-)

My Roses:

Mitch making me the scrumptious blueberry pancakes:

Happy Valentines Day!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Christmas in Cabo

So this post is a little late...well...ok....VERY late. Ha ha! But I wanted to share! Mexico was so much fun! It was great being there for Christmas! It was good to get a break to get away and relax, and spend time with family. Mitch's break wasn't as good as mine though, he got up early every morning and studied 2-3 hours for the GMAT because he had to take it right when he got back. He is such a Trooper!
I had a great time getting to know Mitch's family even more. I love love love his parents and we appreciate them so much! The Maxwells are so great too! I love Hillary's little girls, and I think Ella actually likes me and knows me now! One of my favorite nights was holding her while walking down town and she was so happy and then she fell asleep. Its great because we get to enjoy her little ones since it will be awhile before we are ready to have some of our own!

Here are some of the pics. We have TONS of here are some that I randomly picked :-)

Going out to eat every night and having Mariachi Bands (spelling?) come up to us and play was one of my favorite things! Felt alot like Mexico!

Me relaxing by the pool and Mitch studying for the GMAT next to me...haha studying can be relaxing...right?


Fun little Thea :-)

Oh Gorgeous I miss you so!

Christmas Day

Look at that face! Isn't she the cutest?

Twins! Someone at the spa actually asked us if we were sisters :-)

Cabo Arch in the background :-)

Check out that huge wave!

"Livin' it up at the Hotel California!"

Cabo Bay

Parasailing :-)
Thats all for now! I will try to be better at updating! :-)